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Burden (2013)
A teaser for a feature. When Jimmy calls home for the first time in years, his sister-in-law tells him that his mother has died and that he’s not welcome at the funeral.

We had four hours to shoot on a hard out and the equipment truck showed up two hours late and couldn’t park because the location (we discovered that morning) was under construction. So essentially the shot-list and all planning was thrown out the window and we made it work.

Scott McClellan shot this one and was gracious enough to let me use his kitchen for some Mellissa Hood inserts that weren’t scripted yet managed to take up nearly half of what you see on screen in the final edit. We spent a long time trying to get the lighting right, only to in the end just shut all the lights off and use the setting sun to silhouette Mellissa against the window. The result is gorgeous. Those little shoots where it’s just the cast, the cinematographer and me recording sound and holding a bounce between my legs as I direct are the best!

If you look hard enough, you’ll find a very young Liv Collins (The Hexecutioners) in the background tending bar and the Roughneck who takes a beating is the insanely talented and over qualified Andrew Jackson who came out just for fun!
Starring James Gilbert & Melissa Hood
With Andrew Jackson & Liv Collins
Written & Directed by John Ainslie
Cinematographer Scott McClellan
Production Designer
Editor Bryan Atkinson
Produced by CFC

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