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COLD FEET (2014) – A dark comedy about a delicatessen worker who volunteers to cut up a dead body to make a name for himself only to discover that the body isn’t quite as dead as he thought.
I co-wrote this with John Titley and director Daniel D’Alimonte after completing the CFC Writer Lab way back in 2013. This little story went through a lot of mutations, but always centered around an unqualified individual tasked with the gruesome reality of slicing a dead body into pieces. Not sure when we decided that the body should be alive, but it sure made for a fun little piece. The three of us wrote together over video conferencing from three different cities. I recommend this technique for writers as any time you get a note you don’t like you just say “Sorry, you cut out. I didn’t hear that!”
Cinematographer Mikhail Petrenko and Production Designer Danielle Sahota created a wonderfully dark environment for Kris Turner and A.C. Peterson to deliver some solid performances in. A fun little short that played Fantasia, WorldFest Houston & Screamfest amongst many others.
I have continued to work with composer Jeff Morrow and editor Jordan Crute on all my work and John Titley has become the 1st writer I turn to for feedback on everything I do.

Starring A.C. Peterson and Kristopher Turner
Directed by Daniel D’Alimonte
Written by John Ainslie, John Titley & Daniel D’Alimonte
Cinematographer Mikhail Petrenko
Production Designer Danielle Sahota
Editor Jordan Crute
Composer Jeff Morrow
Produced by Lyvia Cohen.

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