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LEILA (2013) A young woman returns home only to grapple with her father about what each other wants for her life.
.Another CFC actor piece. Working with the amazing Supinder Wraich on building this one was a lot of fun. Supinder had a ton of great ideas and a deep backstory for her character. I think we wrote out over a dozen other scenarios together that were all pretty fun before finally coming to this one. Once we found it we wrote it out together quickly and made very few changes to the first draft.

Directed by Renuka Jeyapalan who did a wonderful job choosing restraint and simplicity allowing the performance to shine on screen. By chance, it was shot by my friend and frequent collaborator Scott McClellan. Really proud to have written this one. It’s one of my few works that doesn’t include some level of physical violence or someone dying...
Starring Supinder Wraich & Marvin Ishmail
Directed by Renuka Jeyapalan
Written by John Ainslie
Cinematographer Scott McClellan
Production Designer Jessica Jerome
Editor Mike Vokins
Music by Allie Hughes
Produced by CFC

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