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Scripts and Pitches

Feature Films

she came knocking:  Horror/Thriller  $1.5M - $3M

Synopsis: When Uber driver SARA witnesses a man abuse his wife and the police won’t help she takes matters into her own hands. 

Inspired by my short film of the same title:

Trespass: Action/Thriller $5 – 15M
Synopsis: Retired elite special operative TRAVIS is forced back into action by a gang of sex traffickers who hunt for SARA, an escaped victim of their violence who hides out on his secluded farm. Travis teaches her how to shoot and empowers her to fight her freedom.

Do Not Disturb: Horror Under $1M

Synopsis: Chloe (30) and Jack (35) travel to Miami for their honeymoon. Amidst the flashy neon pool bars and sunny beaches they decide to use peyote to strengthen their marriage bond. Unbeknownst to them, they’ve been given a rare and powerful strand that awakens a desire to consume human flesh while sexually aroused. As they confront their carnal desires, their all-inclusive suite becomes a den of love, lust, resentment... and human consumption.

Crystal: Action - $5M - $10M
Synopsis: CRYSTAL, a mysterious pink haired woman attracts attention as she rides her flashy motorcycle into the dusty old village of White Fox Creek. When she stops for a beer at the town pub she is harassed by a few local boys and surprises them by not only defending herself, but kicking some serious ass. When it’s revealed that she used to be Chris, their high-school football champion and resident war hero who has undergone gender transition, the small minded rednecks chase her down to beat her to death, but she stands her ground and as it escalates into a bloody battle she finds an unlikely ally in her bigoted and estranged father-in-law.

The Hollywood Rejects Strike Back: Thriller - Under $100k

Pitch Deck

Synopsis:  In a haze of anger and frustration after losing yet another role, actress AUDREY, convinces her director sister JEN to follow her with a camera as she goes on a sociopathic journey across Los Angeles to confront the actors and producers who she believes may have screwed her over.

Guided by her new found love of trusting the universe with her destiny, her enemies accidentally, but successfully wind up dead. She decides to push her new luck and take out a Harvey Weinstein type figure who was just cleared on five rape cases. It gets messy when his girlfriend steps out of the shower and into their murder scene.

The sisters come together and find a way not only to survive, but to thrive as the industry threatens to tear them apart.

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