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Tianna Nori (The Sublet) - 5 Must-See Indie Horror Performances of the Decade

Also known as The Resident outside of the states, The Sublet is undoubtedly one of the most psychologically effective horror films that I’ve seen this decade. Personally, I frequently suffer from crippling anxiety, and this film put me through the wringer in regard to that. It’s an unnerving mind-fuck that demands to be witnessed. At the heart of that film is Tianna Nori as Joanna, a young mother who moves into a sublet apartment with her lover and is haunted by the dark past of the location. Nori brings a significant amount of loving charm to the character, which instantly attaches us to Joanna. However, as her sanity begins to dwindle and unravel entirely, the actress commands the screen in gut-wrenching fashion. Few performances stand up to this one, regardless of genre.

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