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Void Video Reviews Do Not Disturb

The main attraction of Do Not Disturb is its highly engaging script, but the aforementioned performances, stellar electronic soundtrack and slick, ultra-wide cinematography really enhance an already worthwhile cinematic experience. Heaps of fully practical blood and gore fill out the final act and it all looks superbly realized. A few scenes in the front half could be shortened to trim down the slightly drawn out ninety-two minute runtime, but it’s almost impossible to look away at any point for fear of what might happen next so by the time the real craziness rolls around time is violently flying by. It’s also worth mentioning there’s a lot of dark comedy present, with plenty of laugh out loud moments throughout if you have the appropriately twisted sense of humor to stomach them. Aside from being absolutely insane to watch unfold the film contains plenty of biting commentary on the complacency of modern relationships and how people often sacrifice their deepest desires for the permanent companionship of another, sometimes without even really considering the long-term repercussions of this decision beforehand. Think before you commit, especially if it’s in regards to the one you love, because as John Ainslie kindly reminds us here: love is all-consuming.

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