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SAM (2015) Due to a troubled past - including run ins with the law and drug abuse - Sam struggles to convince his ex that he’s in danger and being pursued by government agents after he accidentally stumbles upon an extra-terrestrial being experimented on.

With only one day to shoot the entire piece and with a minor present, we decided on a simple approach and relied mostly on hand-held footage to capture the kinetic energy of the scene and allow the cast to move freely around the set. The result is a suspenseful little vignette that teases a TV series based around the character Gabe created at the CFC Actor Conservatory. This is the only project that I can remember where I didn’t do any writing thanks to Lisa Rose Snow’s tight script. Contrary to the picture - we did not let Gabe operate the camera.

Starring Gabe Grey & Rayissa Kondracki
Screenplay by Lisa Rose Snow
Directed by John Ainslie
Cinematographer Greg Biskup
Edited by Jordan Crute
Music by Laura Barret & Matt O’Halloran
Produced by the CFC - Larissa Giroux, Erica Proudlock, Rechna Varma, Luke Black & Brendan Brady

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